CARIGEO – Side event on the Caribbean Geospatial development initiative

8 April 2021

This Side Event is being staged to share knowledge and create awareness among the region’s senior decision makers on the value of leveraging geospatial and statistical data with related technologies to support policy development and decision making. The Side Event also seeks to galvanize National Statistics Offices and National Geospatial Agencies of the Caribbean Member States and Territories to action and commitment to participate in CARIGEO.

Attendees will learn about the CARIGEO initiative, its four overarching key objectives: 1) strengthening geospatial information management governance and policies, 2) creation of datasets and procurement and development of tools, 3) enhancing collaboration and partnerships and 4) capacity development, communication and engagement, and the importance of institutionalizing and incorporating geospatial information management in national development strategies.

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