For all questions related to monitoring and predicting Sargassum

Our primary focus is on the monitoring and prediction of Sargassum, relying on data and working with research groups and governmental bodies.

We are not equipped to address all the specific needs and inquiries of beach users and ocean goers. For specific local information, we recommend consulting our regional pages or reaching out to local governments and institutions. They are better suited to offer detailed and localized support that can address unique needs and situations.

Local authorities and institutions have best knowledge to manage and respond to various beach and ocean-related issues. They might provide local updates on beach conditions, safety measures, environmental regulations, and community initiatives that may affect your experience. By contacting them directly, you ensure that you receive the most accurate and relevant information. For a more regional overview, consult the bulletins available on our Monitoring page.

Our commitment remains to deliver precise and valuable information regarding sargassum monitoring and prediction to all.

You can contribute to our news, events or media pages, please use the forms on each of these.

If you wish to contribute otherwise or for any other inquiries, please send us an email (click here).

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