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Webinar on e-shape Water Resources – Sargassum

10 May 2022 | 1300 hrs to 1730 hrs CEST, 0700 – 1130 AST | Online

East Africa (EAT): 14:00-18:30 | Jamaica: 06:00-10:30 AM

The e-shape Water Resources Management Showcase is organizing a virtual zoom webinar on the 10th of May from 13 to 17.30 CEST.

The webinar will focus on presenting results from the seven pilot applications that are part of the showcase, focusing on different elements, from inland waters to coastal areas and the ocean, providing a link to different European Directives and Policies – Water and the Marine Strategy Framework Directives, the Floods, the Integrated Coastal Management Directives and the Common Fisheries Policy – and SDGs – Clean Water and Sanitation, Life Below Water and Climate Action.

The webinar is divided in three different thematic sessions organizing the pilot presentations into Inland, Coastal and Ocean Waters. Learn more about our pilot applications here – (select SC5 – Water) – and if you are a potential user for any of them do not waste a chance to get to know them better in this webinar. All sessions will happen in the same afternoon, separated by a 10-minute coffee break. This way we provide the opportunity to each attendee to browse through all presentations in the three thematic areas or only concentrate in the session(s) that best fit their profile. In each session, attendees will be presented with the current status of the application, focusing on demonstrating concrete results and use cases for each application to help future users decide on its usefulness in their operational activities.

Please find out about the meeting agenda and register to attend the webinar following this link. Registration is free and you can enroll at any time until the start of the event. After registration you will be given access to the webinar zoom link.

Come and get to know more about the work that we are doing to help manage water resources using EO data.

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