NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration

Oil Spills and Pelagic Sargassum: Planning and Response Considerations

New report alert!

The NOAA Office of Response and Restoration is proud to publish its latest report with the aim of assisting those who work in oil spill response and planning where pelagic (open ocean) sargassum is at risk from, or may interact with, oil spills. By understanding the basics of the ecology of sargassum, learning from past oil spills and responses, and incorporating other recent information on sargassum blooms or influx events, responders can better plan for, protect, and make appropriate decisions for response to future oil spills.

Report Chapters include:

  • Sargassum Ecology
  • Impacts on and from Sargassum
  • Oil Spill Response Considerations and Sargassum
  • Sargassum Case Studies

Stay informed, share knowledge, and be part of the ongoing dialogue surrounding oil spills and sargassum ecosystems. Let’s pave the way for more informed decisions and effective conservation measures!

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