Sargassum Golden Tides, a global problem

Beach inundations by Sargassum blooms have been called the single greatest threat to tourism in the Caribbean. The impact of Sargassum is not only economic but has implications for the environment and health. Golden tides of Sargassum are also causing problems in other areas of the world, such as Mexico and West Africa, and this challenge is the focus of many research groups. Tourism in the Caribbean has declined by around 30% over the last few years due to Sargassum influxes. It currently falls to seafront hotels and local beachside businesses to foot the bill for expensive clean-up operations to ensure their pristine beaches, which attract tourists to the area. Thus finding opportunities to ease the current financial impact of these blooms and turn the Sargassum into a valuable, sustainable resource is becoming increasingly important. Other challenges are mapping and predicting Sargassum inundations, and any utilisation process must give socio-economic benefits whilst being sustainable and not damage the environment.

Here in the UK, we have several groups actively working with Sargassum. This meeting is a chance to hear leaders in the field outline the challenges/ opportunities and present the case for further support and showcasing UK Sargassum research.

Algae-UKBBNet and EBNet have come together to bring this event to you, and we welcome participants from all over the world.

Registration is free, and conference joining details will be emailed to you ahead of the 26th May 2021.

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